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Barska Biometric Gun Safe Review

This Barska gun safe measures about 16 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 7 inches high. It is quite big enough to hold jewelry, medicine, important papers, or, the more typical – guns. One fellow has six guns stored in his safe.

It goes without saying, that since this is a “fingerprint safe” it can be easily opened with the touch of a finger – whether it be yours, your spouses or some one else’s. The advanced technology of it allows up to 30 fingerprints to be stored. This means you don’t have to fumble for keys or quickly try and remember (and enter) its combination. Simply “touch and go”..

Now you may be thinking, what if it Uzi for sale doesn’t recognize my fingerprint, or what if the batteries die. How do I get into it? Well, this manufacturer doesn’t give the details of failure rates, but assuming it is the same as other biometric safe manufacturers, its failure rate should be much much less than 1%.

But have no fear. The safe comes with special keys that allow you to get into the safe in the event that there is a malfunction with the electronics or something.

This biometric gun safe weighs about 30 pounds. Most of the weight is in the door. It comes with pre-drilled holes so that it can be easily mounted in a wall or attached to a shelf or counter top. You can also securely double bolt it by bolting it to a shelf and the wall behind.

Lastly, this Barska biometric gun safe review would not be complete without a short list of advantages and disadvantages.

As mentioned above, the advanced technology of this safe allows you to enter 30 different fingerprints. This allows you to enter someone else’s fingerprints, but, more importantly, it also allows you to enter multiple fingerprints of your own. You can do this by positioning your finger a little bit differently every time you store a print. That means you will have less problems and will get the safe opened quicker if you have these multiple prints of your own stored in its memory. If you had just one print stored, you’d have to place your finger almost identically every time you open it. By having multiple fingerprints stored, you are allowing for variations in finger placement when touching it.

With many biometric safes you are buying them without knowing everything. Barska eliminates this by putting the manual online so you can read it first and know what you are getting into. You can learn how to do everything you need before you ever buy. This instills a lot of confidence in your purchase.