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Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

The sink and faucet in the bathroom are crucial components of any well-designed ceramic counter top  basin manufacturer. With the right bathroom sink, both functionality and style may be achieved. The most popular types of bathroom sinks are listed below.

Different Sinks

Sinks that self-rim

These sinks are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and whole arrangements. They can be utilized with any type of countertop and are mounted from above the counter with a visible rim.

Recessed sinks

Without a “rim,” it is installed from beneath a solid surface counter top made of granite, marble, stone, or a man-made material like Corian. The number of holes for the faucet is unimportant in this sink application because counter mounted or wall mounted faucets are typical with this design.

Freestanding sinks are called pedestal sinks

These sinks have independent bases. These sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms because they save a lot of space. Consider the finish of the exposed plumbing components (drain and supply lines) underneath when choosing a pedestal sink and match it to your faucet.

Sinking vessels

Often have a top that sits on top of a counter or piece of furniture. For this purpose, wall-mounted or tall vessel filler faucets that offer sufficient clearance above the lip of the sink are typical faucets. There are certain vessel sinks that already have holes pre-drilled so that faucets may be fitted to the vessel.

Tabletop sinks

They offer greater counter spaces while combining the ceramic counter top  basin manufacturer. Legs for support are included with console sinks in the form of two or four. Since the plumbing underneath the sink will be visible, be sure to match your faucet’s finish to any exposed plumbing components.

Mirror Tops

A single-piece counter top with a built-in sink that is composed of synthetic materials, such as Corian. Since these sinks are sold without bases, it’s important to know the precise measurements of your vanity cabinet to ensure a good fit. Tops typically have a slight overhang since they are up to 1″ larger than the vanity they are placed on.


These countertops are made of marble, and they come with carved wood bases and a sink basin. Any bathroom will benefit from the ample storage provided by the cabinet types, which are available in a wide range of sizes, hues, and finishes.

Sinks made of vitreous china and fireclay have a glossy, smooth appearance and are exceptionally long-lasting. These sinks are available in a variety of hues that match other bathroom fixtures.

Most glass sinks are composed of tempered glass, which is much stronger than you may think. Glass sinks are available in a wide range of modern and eccentric styles.

Sinks constructed of solid cast iron and enamel on top are known as enameled cast iron sinks. These sinks come in a wide range of colors and are very durable, weighty, and resistant to nearly any kind of structural damage.