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Blooming Tea – Beauty Or Beneficial?

Most tea drinkers are content to just drop a tea bag in hot water, let it steep until they remember that they’re supposed to take it out and then drink their concoction. Where’s the joy in that, I wonder? Tea drinking is supposed to be about the old age ritual and observing the right way to brew to get the best cup of tea as well as just having a good cup.

A great cup of tea starts with the utensils blooming tea used, making sure that all of the items you be use are in good and clean condition. Everything from the kettle, glass teapot if brewing blooming tea, cups, and strainers must be lightly and frequently washed with soap or baking soda (to keep the stain away). It also keeps mineral residue from accumulating which can influence the flavor of the tea.

Next item on the list that can greatly influence the taste and flavor of a freshly brewed cup of tea is the water. Good tasting water will yield a great brew as well. So to ensure you get this result, use bottled or filtered water that does not contain any chemicals or chlorine. Distilled water is not recommended for that great tasting concoction.

For a cup of tea, it is recommended to heat about six ounces of water. When making a pot of flowering tea, for example, measure beforehand how many cups water are required to cover the tea ball, but include sufficient room so the tea can bloom fully in the pot. Each tea variety has its own requirement when it comes to the amount of heat and the time required for steeping. For the best result, refer to any instruction you may have on tea or use this as a general rule: