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Does Taking Collagen Powder Really Help Build Collagen? – Find Out The Truth Here

It is not really surprising why so many people get confused about does taking collagen powder really help build collagen in their skin to help keep them looking younger and healthier for as long as possible.

Cosmetics and anti-aging creams are collagen powder a multi-billion dollar business. Big companies spend tremendous amounts of money advertising in all forms of the media including the Internet. Therefore, there is constant pressure on consumers to buy their products — most of the time these products fail to live up to their hyped up ads.

The fact is your body produces collagen naturally, it’s done this every day of your life and will continue to do so, however from your mid-20s onwards it doesn’t make as much as it used to when you were younger. That’s one of the reasons why your skin wrinkles and loses its elasticity when you get near middle age.

There are two main reasons why taking collagen powder is a waste of your time and money. Firstly collagen for use in powders, pills and as an ingredient in skin cream is sourced from animals, it’s not the same as human collagen, therefore your system is unable to use and process it in the same way it does with it’s own natural collagen.

Secondly collagen is a complex protein — there are approximately 28 varieties in your body each with a separate role to play, which are necessary to maintain a healthy functioning body. So you really are wasting your money buying any of these forms of collagen because they can’t be integrated into your system correctly.

Other than collagen injections, which after all are only a very expensive temporary wrinkle filler, the best way to increase the amount of collagen in your skin is to use natural substances that can stimulate your own body to produce more collagen protein cells.

Cynergy TK(TM) with functional keratin(TM) and a special nano emulsion version of CoQ10 known as Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10 are two ingredients that are proven to be able to stimulate the production of new collagen cells in your structural dermal tissue layer.

Make no mistake about it — collagen and elastin for that matter are crucial to maintaining your body and contributing to give you a more youthful less wrinkled and healthy complexion. However don’t get sucked into believing does taking collagen powder really help build collagen — “because it doesn’t”.

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