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How Safe Is It to Leave Teak Garden Furniture Outdoors All-Year?

Teak is perhaps the most desired material for outdoor furniture. It is highly prized for its unique aesthetic appeal. However, it is also known for being virtually waterproof. Over time, consumers have realized that not all products are as appealing as they seem and that not all products are as good as what they appear to be. It’s no surprise that many teak furniture owners are not comfortable leaving their garden furniture out in the cold. So, are they being smart by not taking risks or are they just wasting time and energy by keeping their teak furniture indoors beyond the season? To answer this question, we need to look at teak properties.

Teak is a tree of the tropical hardwood family that grows in south-east Asia. According to garden furniture retailers, teak is strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It is protected by the natural oils in its wood, which act like a water sealant to keep the timber moist and repel wood eating insects. This type of wood is outdoor-proof so it can be left outside no matter the weather or the season. There are always some pitfalls teak garden furniture.

First, it is crucial to understand that teak can be of three different quality levels. Why? Because of the type of timber that is used, garden furniture can withstand all kinds of weather. Grade A timber, which is the best quality timber, lasts practically forever and doesn’t need any regular cleaning. Grades C and B are not weather-proof, as they contain no teak natural oil. Not leaving garden furniture made from grade A or C exposed to the outdoors is a bad idea. They will not survive until the next year.

Teak garden furniture isn’t resistant to dirt. Quality teak garden furniture can withstand any weather conditions and wood-eating insects. The outdoor elements can expose it to dirt, dust, and bird droppings. This can make spring furniture cleaning very difficult. Additionally, moss growth can be encouraged by higher humidity levels during winter. Fortunately, moss can be easily removed by using a bleach-based solution.


Teak garden furniture can be left outside all year. However, it must only be made from grade-A teak. A breathable cover is recommended for furniture in the garden.