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Inflatable Characters: For Business and Pleasure

Anytime you want to add a festive mood or anyplace you want to draw attention to, advertising balloons are a great way to go. Here are some advantages to renting an inflatable advertising balloon and some waysm How to Defend Your Company Against High Inflation they are most often used for. Custom inflatable balloons have many advantages and uses as they can be custom made in almost any shape and custom printed. If you choose a company who has the equipment and expertise to design their own inflatable balloons, then the options you have to get the best balloon to represent your business is practically endless. If, however, you choose to use a standard balloon that your company has already made, the best idea is to then have a customized vinyl sign printed to attach to the front of the stock inflatable balloon. After you are done renting the advertising balloon, the sign will still be yours to keep and use

These personalized signs can usually be made by your balloon rental company. With the use of their large printer, your sign truly has limitless options in both color and design; get as elaborate or stay as simple as you want. Common sense says that the lettering should be large and in proportion to the size of the balloon you are renting. How high the sign will end up being displayed should also be considered.

These inflatable advertisements are most often used by businesses to promote special events (such as grand openings, huge sales, etc) and to turn potential customers into regular patrons. And branding through inflatable balloons creates the perfect, mobile advertisement.

What are some advantages to renting inflatable balloons, advertisements, and characters?Balloon rentals are relatively inexpensive with a high return on investment for an advertising business.

As mentioned before, balloons and signs can be customized for your event or business, giving you a one-of-a-kind advertisement.

Inflatable balloons compliment many other types of advertising and event decorations

Giant inflatable advertisements are easy to setup, run all day with minimal cost.

These inflatable signs are only as permanent and immobile as you want them to be. In other words, this form of advertising and decorating leaves behind no tell-tale marks and are very easy to reposition and transport.

But outside of the business world, here are some wonderful ways to spice up your special event by renting a balloon.

Besides business advertising, why else would someone rent inflatable balloons and characters?

For those throwing social (house warming parties, birthday parties, etc) or seasonal parties (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Summer BBQ, etc), inflatable balloons are a great addition to the festive air and decorations. Appropriate inflatable characters is a very fun way for guests to be greeted. These decorations can even be used at more formal events by using formal-appropriate designs. Just because they’re called “balloons”, don’t be fooled into thinking only kids will enjoy them