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Online Shopping: How to Beat the System

Likewise, we can impart data and surveys to different customers who have firsthand involvement in a product or retailer. If you absolutely must shop online while using public Wi-Fi, first install a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN will encrypt all data that is transferred between your computer or mobile device and the VPN server, preventing hackers from hijacking and viewing any sensitive data you input. This is just like your regular card but a random account number is generated for each purchase, preventing hackers from using the number again.

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Businesses can take advantage of this trend by offering online sales to their customers. On the positive side, e-commerce is now seen as an “upgraded” experience to consumers. NielsenIQ found that 53% of consumers have a positive impression of the online store experience, while 18% said the same about the physical store experience. An examination of consumer behavior yields that a wide selection of products, time savviness, and convenience of delivery are the most appealing factors in shopping online.

Make sure any site you buy from uses safe payment services such as credit cards or PayPal. By following these quick and easy steps, you’ll avoid 99% of online shopping scams. Shopping online is rapidly approaching the point where it becomes the overwhelmingly favorite form of commerce.

Set Up PCI Compliance for Secure Online Payment

Technology today has paved way for professionals to collect the immense amount of data on each person that visits their website. Now retailers are in a position to offer customized experiences based on a consumer’s preference, browsing patterns, items in the kart, mode of payment, geophysical location etc. The progression of ecommerce has advanced the customer expectations of the companies they buy from. They expect a seamless shopping experience that is personalised to them — one that is consistent no matter what device they are using for their shopping or what stage of the buying process they are in. In addition, people are 40% more likely to spend more than they’d planned if their experience is personalised. There’s little doubt that an e-commerce transformation has been on the horizon for a while.

Geared toward sellers of crafts, jewelry and other homemade items, Etsy has become a huge marketplace, providing sellers with access to more than 40 million consumers. There are several e-commerce marketplaces where you can sell your products. No matter where you find your shopping inspiration, we hope these features and tools help you discover new products, compare different options and ultimately make the perfect purchase. To help you track down those super specific pieces, we’re introducing an entirely new way to search — using text and images at the same time. With multisearch on Lens, you can better uncover the products you’re looking for even when you don’t have all the words to describe them.

Delete Shopping Apps

Analysts project the platform’s income will increase to about $13.8 billion by 2026. Emily Schuman, founder of the popular blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, frequently orders vintage home goods online from Etsy. However, she was surprised to see that when the vintage vase she had ordered arrived, it was 10 times smaller than she had originally thought, comfortably fitting in the palm of her hand. If you are launching a niche store, you can also get extra free publicity by networking in niche online communities and forums. Work out a realistic “free shipping” threshold to appeal to more buyers and encourage higher average order value. Otherwise, use a tiered ‘flat fee’ structure for different types of deliveries — standard, priority, 2-day etc. A persuasive product description addresses the customer’s problem, lists the product’s features and highlights the primary benefits to prompt a sale.


Easiness and convenience


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