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Scissors to Razors – Achieving the Best Hairstyles With the Right Tools

ensuring that your customers leave with the most beautiful haircut is a problem that the majority of salon professionals and barbers face on a regular basis. The most frequently used tools include scissors, shears razors, clippers, and shears best clippers for fades.

When buying your tools, ensure you have a range that you can use, as it will allow you to get the perfect cut for your client, with the ability to customize. In addition, there’s many options in each kind of tool. For example shears. The variation in the details is so wide that you can see variations in handle types, blades and thumb grips. Whatever hair type you choose the most important thing to remember when making use of any of these tools is to keep the original quality of their sharpness. It is crucial to locate a professional with a good reputation who has previous experience using sharpening tools to assist you in the process.

Scissors & Shears Where an even cut is vital to the overall appearance Regularly sharpened hair scissors are the most effective tools to accomplish the task. A variety of ergonomic designs are accessible today, making cutting process much more comfortable procedure. One of the most popular models is the three-holed handle , or the traditional two-holed handle that comes equipped with a pivot thumb which gives you more flexibility in designing. There are left-handed scissors too. The primary distinction between shears and scissors is the dimensions of the blades as well as the handles. Shears and scissors work great for:

Clean & even styling

Short or long fine hair tightly curled or curly hair

Straight, even cuts such as hairstyles, bobs, and accents such as bangs

Trims (which might be required based on the style you prefer)

Thinning Shears Thinning shears differ from normal shears due to the fact that they do not have two blades with smooth edges Thinning shears come with one blade with smooth edges and one with teeth (with different numbers and width of the teeth). The blade with teeth sits above the hair while the smooth blade sits beneath. The majority of the time, wide-toothed thinning shears are employed for thick hair since they remove more hair in larger pieces. By reducing the thickness of their hair allows the stylist to dress it for wear. Thin shears can be used for:

Short, long or straight hair. thick hair

In the case of creating a layered hairstyle they can be utilized to create a more “choppy” layered look

Clippers Clippers are available in a variety of sizes shapes, shapes, and strengths , allowing you to create the appearance you want for your client. The various guards included in a clipper will help you control the amount of hair you remove. The clipper has a steady blade position, allowing you to clip hair according to the length your client prefers.

Thin or fine hair, tightly coiled or curly hair and the afros

The hair is extremely short. It’s buzzed styles, hairdos with spiky spiky

Styles that are bald or near bald

Razors Styling razors often come with a handle for easy handling. The higher priced models include blades that rotate that are attached to the handles which allow for greater the flexibility. Blades replacements are available in any beauty or drugstore supply store. It is crucial to change the blade of your razor when it’s no longer sharp as it will ensure a precise cut. Razors are not recommended for frizzy or curly haired clients, since this tool will only make more frizz for the hair. Razors are perfect for:

Long, straight hair to create pixie cut styles

To add volume or texture,

Feathered style that makes customers both appear and feel more light

Cuts that are angular and sharp (which are softened by the help of scissors)

You’ll need to employ various of these tools to achieve the desired appearance. The spiky, shaved appearance is for instance, and requires clippers on both sides, as together with scissors and shears to achieve the feathering style at the high point of the head.

A careful and meticulous care of your tools will ensure that you get best use of your tools , and they’ll last for a long period of time. As we mentioned earlier, sharpening the tools you use is suggested every now and then since it increases the performance of your tool. Cleaning your tools is essential to ensure the security of your services and your customers’ health. Keep in mind the importance of attention to detail and secure, clean procedures in your business should not be ignored as they communicate your commitment to your customers’ satisfaction.