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What’s New In the New Citizenship Act?

Canadian citizenship is generally obtained through: Canada is usually acquired by:

– Birth. In the event that you’re born within Canada and you were born in Canada, you are automatically an Canadian citizenship by investment.

– By descent. Born abroad , but with the same Canadian parents (either one or the other was or was born within Canada).

– Adoption. If an Canadian person adopted your child from another country.

Permanent or Naturalized. Anyone who has been a resident of Canada for more than 3 years.

What is the reason the government decided to amend the old law on citizenship?

The law that was previously amended due to the complaints of people concerned about the uncertainty caused by the complex and confusing state that they had to be a citizen. This new Citizenship law has eliminated this requirement.

A few are questions from the New Citizenship questions frequently asked:

What are the latest citizenship rules?

New Amendment Act gives people new citizenship to those who lost it as well as to those who initially,, were acknowledged as Canadian citizens for the first time. However the new Act restrains the citizenship of people who are not citizens of Canada to a single descent generation, thereby ensuring the benefits in Canadian citizenship. After the conclusion of the adoption process, even without a visa to enter Canada initially as permanent residents (which was a requirement under the previous statute), Canadian citizenship can now be obtained by immigrants from other countries adoptees from Canadian citizens.

Prior to the Citizen Act was amended and took effect in April 17th, 2009 the law that was in place prior to the amendment regarding Canadian citizenship of citizens required those who were born outside of Canada but who belong to the second or subsequent generations to apply for renewal of their citizenship prior to their 28th birthday. They had to inform the government the intention to stay for a full year Canada or provide document proving that they have a connection to Canadian citizens. If someone fails to satisfy the requirements, he could be denied Canadian citizenship.

What are the new changes in the study guide? Why is it altered?

The process of learning the Canada book of study is among the conditions for an Canadian citizen.

With the New Citizenship law, to convey the tale of Canada better the citizenship study guide was revised. The study guide is the focus is about the rights as well as obligations for Canadian citizens. The subjects are related to the history of Canada, its values, institutions, as well as of government and politics.

To become a citizen of Canada immigrants must follow the step-by-step procedure for submitting an application. If they have had lost citizenship may become new citizens under an amendment to the Citizenship Act. Answers and guides to new citizenship questions and new citizenship rules and amendments to the rules are available on the internet.